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Insurance Defense Attorney

Insurance Defense Attorney

The two principal protections provided to the insured in an automobile insurance contract are coverage up to the limits of the insurance policy and a defense in the event that a lawsuit is filed against the insured, arising out of the insured’s operation of a motor vehicle. When a person claims personal injury or property damage as a result of a car accident, that person will typically make a claim against the insurance policy of the person who allegedly caused the accident.

If the claim cannot be settled with the insurance company, then the person claiming personal injury or property damage will usually file a lawsuit against the person who is alleged to have caused the accident. When the lawsuit is filed, the insurance company of the person sued has a duty to provide a defense, which includes the retention of a lawyer to represent the sued person.

A person making a claim for personal injury or property damage as a result of an car accident can sometimes also make a claim against his or her own insurance policy, and if such claim cannot be settled with the insurance company, then that person will often file a lawsuit, which may permit the insurance company to enter the case to defend its interests.

Our personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach have represented insurance companies and their insureds for years. In their capacity as attorneys for insurance companies and their insureds, the lawyers of Preston, Wilson & Crandley, PLC defend personal injury and property damage lawsuits brought against persons who are sued as a result of their operation of motor vehicles and also defend insurance companies that have potential exposure due to policies they have issued.

The attorneys of Preston, Wilson & Crandley, PLC work with individuals sued as a result of car accidents and their insurance companies to protect their rights, investigate claims, and bring the litigation to a satisfactory resolution. This involves, but is not limited to, consulting with the defendant in the lawsuit, interviewing witnesses, negotiating settlements, taking depositions of witnesses, defending the case at trial, and handling cases on appeal.

In addition to handling the defense of claims for their existing clients, our personal injury lawyers welcome inquiries from insurance companies looking for knowledgeable and efficient representation in Virginia Beach and throughout Hampton Roads. This includes insurance companies looking for representation on auto claims, homeowners’ claims, and other types of insurance claims.

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