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Having represented insurance companies for many years, the personal injury attorneys of Preston, Wilson & Crandley, PLC have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies to offer to their personal injury clients, which is somewhat unique among firms representing personal injury plaintiffs. Ordinarily, a person injured as a result of a car accident, slip and fall accident, or other accident will seek compensation from the insurance company of the responsible person or entity. In cases where the responsible person or entity has no insurance or has low limits of insurance, claims can sometimes be made against the plaintiff’s own insurance policy.

Regardless, a person injured as a result of the conduct of another person or entity will usually have to present the injury claim to an insurance company, negotiate with the insurance company, and potentially be adverse to the insurance company in litigation. Knowing what insurance coverage is available to the injured person, knowing what an insurance company is looking for when evaluating an injury claim, and knowing the value of the injury claim can be very complex. For that reason, it important that the injured person have a personal injury attorney with the kind of extensive experience dealing with insurance companies that the personal injury attorneys of Preston, Wilson & Crandley, PLC have to offer.

Although our attorneys in Virginia Beach have the ability to handle a wide variety of injury claims, the majority of our practice focuses on injuries as a result of automobile accidents. This includes, but is not limited to, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and tractor trailer accidents. Our attorneys handle the case from the initial phone call from the prospective client through the trial of the personal injury lawsuit to appeal, if necessary. Along the way, we negotiate with the insurance company in an effort to settle the claim for the maximum amount with the least expense and inconvenience to the client, but our firm has the experience to take the case to a jury verdict and even to the appellate court, if a settlement cannot be reached.

Our personal injury attorneys handle injury claims ranging from minor sprains and strains to catastrophic brain injuries and wrongful death claims. This means representing clients involved in minor rear-enders to high speed collisions. Our firm gives the client’s case the individual time and attention it requires, regardless of how extensive the injury may be. Our office is located in Virginia Beach, and we handle injury claims in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, the Eastern Shore, and throughout Virginia.

To assist our clients and prospective clients in understanding what we do, we have composed a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These questions and answers cover a wide variety of subjects in personal injury litigation, and we regularly update our list with new subject matter. Please click on the link below to read about what an injured person can expect when making a personal injury claim, what the injured person is entitled to be compensated for, how Virginia law applies to a variety of accident scenarios, how insurance coverage applies to an injury claim, and more.

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